International Women’s Day 2021

Facebook Live, customer campaign, and team building

In March 2021, Baby Elephant Group Join Baby Elephant Group co-founder Ilana Tulloch in a Facebook live under the International Women’s Day 2021 theme #ChoosetoChallenge.
– One year of fighting for people’s jobs due to the Covid-19 tourism crisis
– Her experiences working in tourism as a woman
– Being a female founder
– How you can help Baby Elephant to continue empowering women and keeping vulnerable people in safe, empowered jobs
– Stories from the women who work at Baby Elephant
– Cultivating safety and safe spaces at work
– Cultivating community during a pandemic
WE CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE TO help keep people employed in Cambodia through the pandemic. Massive fundraiser on now. Donations are tax deductible and are in partnership with Heartprint Cambodia.


Your donation will be received and processed by Heartprint before being passed on to Baby Elephant Group. Heartprint are an Australian Registered Charity (70 609 238 351) with DGR Status. All contributions are tax deductible in Australia. No goods or services will be provided as part of this donation. For tax deductible donations in the USA please contact us prior as the donation process is different.
International Women's Day 2021 | Baby Elephant Group

The Campaign included:

  • Videos
  • Facebook Live event
  • Internal team building to talk about women’s issues
  • Campaign at Sugar Spa
  • Prizes from a number of Brisbane sponsors
  • A donation to our Donorbox campaign
  • And resulted in our amazing partnership with Wickfield Street Hair in Brisbane

Campaign Materials

Did you know?

• 3 of the founders of Baby Elephant Group are women
• Tourism is the industry which employs the most women in the world
• 70% of Baby Elephant’s staff are women
• Women have lost vastly more jobs due to COVID-19 than men
• We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements.
• We challenge you to celebrate the Baby Elephant team’s achievements this #IWD


We are currently doing our best to keep people employed during the Covid-19 tourism and financial crisis. If you have a fundraising or partnership idea please get in touch!