Ilana Tulloch

Ilana Tulloch

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Ilana Tulloch is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director for Baby Elephant Group, a boutique social enterprise group headquartered in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A branding expert, Ilana works between her family’s catering company and cafe in Queensland, Australia, while primarily leading the operations of Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, BE Happy Guesthouse, Sugar Spa and Yoga Space in Siem Reap.

Ilana is an entrepreneurial and energetic all-rounder with a background in media, design and marketing. After honing PR, communications and digital media skills in her own consultancy firm, she used that experience to build brand recognition, increase client base and strengthen relationships for companies throughout Australia, Indonesia and Cambodia. A change-maker at heart, Ilana is passionate about investing in and supporting local Cambodian communities through sustainable and ethical business practices.

Even though Cambodia has largely been spared from community transmission of COVID-19, conditions elsewhere in the world have resulted in a 98% drop in tourism. The tourism industry is one of the country’s largest providers of employment.

Ilana is fighting for the livelihoods of the Baby Elephant staff while facing this extraordinary challenge. Fundraiser and gift voucher portals are active, through which people can help pay salaries and keep the doors open. In Siem Reap, Ilana is leading the team to continue to pursue every new entrepreneurial avenue for increased and sustainable cash flow.

Ilana sits on the board of the Cambodia Hotel Association, and consults to other non-government organisations. She believes that the COVID-19 recovery strategy for ASEAN businesses should include outlining how the most vulnerable will be included. There is an opportunity to re-envision how business, government and non-government work together to deliver benefits and prosperity for everyone. Now is the time to look at longer-term strategies, adopting inclusivity through capacity-building as we look towards a sustainable future for all.

Ilana speaks Spanish, Bahasa Indonesia and Khmer to varying levels of fluency, and has lived and worked in Australia, South America and now for the past 8 years in Southeast Asia.

Grow & Glow Program 2021

Are you considering staying at Baby Elephant as part of our 2021 co-living program? Book a meeting to see how we can help you grow. Ilana will align the best opportunities for you in:

  • Business coaching
  • Health, fitness & diet coaching
  • Art and community
  • Salon and spa services
  • Volunteering

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